Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy

Slowly, my collection of mason jar cozies is growing. Ultimately I’d love to have a set of 4-6 cozies and as of last night I decided there would be a theme to the set. Seeing as I already have a bear and a fox I thought I would continue with the woodland creatures theme and so I came up with this adorable Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy.

Crochet Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy - Pops de Milk
Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy - Pops de Milk
Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy - Pops de Milk

So why a raccoon? Honestly, I think they are super cute, even though they scare me some times – especially while walking down a dark street and I realize that one is in a low tree branch right over my head. And yet, they’re so fluffy and cute with their keen beady little eyes, able to disarm you with a slight tilt to their head in a, “do you have a snack for me?” stare. I took some inspiration from notable raccoons like, Meeko the bottomless pit from Pocahontas, Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course The Raccoons ( loved that cartoon as a kid!). Oh and there’s also this fella who kept along with us for a while during a walk in Stanley Park, pausing ahead sometimes to wait for us to catch up.

Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy - Pops de Milk

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