Pretty In Pink Crochet Christmas Tree

Originally this pattern revisit started out with a dark green yarn. So how did the tree end up pink?

That, my friends, is a frustrating and sad tale of not backing up video and photo files. Naturally I didn’t have any more green yarn to make another tree. The thought of undoing everything was a bit much considering I had already sewn on all the buttons.

The original green tree

But I had a vision one morning in the early hours between sleep and waking up – because this is how much I was thinking about the tree – of a pink Christmas tree.

Pretty In Pink Crochet Christmas Tree

Pretty in pink crochet Christmas tree

I grew up in the 80s when fake trees in non-traditional colors were the rage. That plus living in a poor tropical country, even green fake trees were hard to come by. One thing I remember is having a fake Christmas tree but not your typical fake green tree. This one was a shade of silvery, metallic pink and the memory of it will probably never fade away. This memory is what triggered my vision of a pastel pink Christmas tree adorned with pink and white baubles.

It is kitschy. It is happy. It is so damn pink and I love it!

You can find the pattern here in the original blog post, which now includes yarn suggestions and more detailed instructions!

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