New Year, New Projects, New Resolutions

I know the title for this post mentions resolutions but it’s now a week into the new year and I have yet to make a list of resolutions. Main reason is that I tend to recycle my lists (ahem…exercise more, eat healthy, write a novel, etc). This year, I feel I don’t need to remind myself to work out because I have been working out somewhat consistently, and I’m happy with my current routine. My eating lifestyle isn’t terrible and I don’t think it needs adjusting…unless I decide to go vegetarian again or *gasp* vegan. As for novel-writing, that has taken a back seat in my creative car because the majority of my waking hours are spent making things. I can’t knit and type a story at the same time, maybe in my next life when I have eight arms. So, for this new year instead of making a list of resolutions I will do my best to create, create, and create and I will continue to update my blog with these creations. And I’ve already started!

Yesterday I started on a new project that brings a smile to my face when I imagine the finished piece. What I am working on is a box for my make up so that I can take it with me to the bathroom and back to the dresser in the bedroom and not forget something like a brush or pencil. I could use a bag or pouch but I like to be able to see each item and I want to be able to neatly stack my eye shadows (yes, I am a little anal sometimes).

make up messOriginally I thought about crocheting a simple basket with wool and then felting it to make it thick and sturdy. And then I started browsing 8-bit images….specifically retro Super Mario Bros.

The winner: Mario Surprise Box!

I hadn’t even finished crocheting my foundation chain for a basket when I tossed it aside and went in search of the plastic canvas I’ve had since my mom bought me a Barbie plastic canvas furniture pattern book. Anyone else ever make Barbie furniture? I remember I looked at the instructions to make a sofa and gave up after making two stitches. Anyway, it’s now twenty years later (OMG I am old!), I still have the plastic canvas and am ready to put it to use.

It all starts with a sketch…

box sketch and canvas

Corners have been cut out to give it a more pixelated look.




I’ve been working on the lid on and off for the past two days and here is what I have so far:

it's a start

Cannot wait to finish this 😀

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