Needle Felted Penguin

The first time I ever heard of needle felting was a few years ago at a coffee shop in Vancouver where I went for a knit and crochet meet up. One of the girls in the group was a dental hygienist and that afternoon she had brought a needle felted tooth. It was awesome and I was amazed that something could be created by using just a needle and fluffy wool. Since then I have seen needle felted projects and always felt a little intimidated – just how is it that you can shape stuff like that??

Recently, the people at sent me a felting kit for me to try out. This was exactly the kind of push I needed to get out of my crafting comfort zone and give this intriguing hobby a try. has a selection of needle felting kits suited for beginners and I chose to make the penguin. The kit came with the necessary wool plus more colours in case I got creative, instructions, and two needles, which I’m so glad for because I ended up breaking one of them! Needle Felted Penguin - Pops de Milk

I followed the instructions and got out the white wool for the body and once I got started I couldn’t put the needle down! It was almost therapeutic, stabbing and poking the wool together – though I did poke myself a couple of times so be warned. It was nice to have the extra colours so I added some rosy cheeks to my penguin. I was fascinated by how quickly and easily the wool took shape and after a few (seemingly short) hours I ended up with this adorable penguin:Needle Felted Penguin - Pops de Milk Needle Felted Penguin - Pops de Milk

I think his name is Gunter and I think someone I know will become good friends with him 🙂Needle Felted Penguin - Pops de Milk

Having made my first needle felted project I can honestly see this becoming part of my hobbies. Thanks so much to the wonderful team at for letting me try a new craft! Now to check out their other kits….

3 thoughts on “Needle Felted Penguin

  1. He looks fantastic! The grey fibre that you used for his bottom half is such a perfectly penguin colour ^___^

  2. Aaaah, I’ve been thinking of getting into felting but I couldn’t justify spending the money on a NEW CRAFT hobby until I saw this little guy!! He’s so cute!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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