Mushroom Earrings

crochet mushroom earrings

It’s officially autumn and to kick off my favorite season I have created a pair of mushroom earrings!

I made mushroom earrings and not just any mushroom but the kind I generally refer to as toadstool. Why? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being a 90s kid and growing up with Nintendo. Also, did you know “mushrooms” and “toadstools” are the same thing? I had no idea until I read this article. I think mushrooms in general are some of the most interesting organisms. Each type and variety has its own unique appearance and characteristic – it’s just amazing. But back to mushroom earrings!

Keep scrolling for the free pattern or you can purchase the inexpensive and ad-free PDF pattern in my shop, Etsy, and Ribblr.

According to the article linked above, toadstools are usually pictured as having a red cap and thanks to video games, they are also known to have white spots and a white stem. Naturally, this is what my crochet earrings needed to look like!

For this pattern I used crochet thread because I needed the end result to be really small. This is the thread I used:

Mushroom Earrings Crochet Pattern

Skill Level



¾ inch / 2cm tall


  • Lace weight (0) crochet thread, such as Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread Classic 10 in Cardinal Red and Natural
  • Size 1.50mm/2 crochet hook
  • Small amount of polyfil
  • Embroidery needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Earring hooks

Abbreviations (American terms)

sc – single crochet

inc – increase (2 sts in same st)

dec – decrease (ie. sc2tog)

work even – complete round/row without inc/dec

BLO – work stitches in the back loop only


Pattern is worked in continuous rounds, do not join or turn at the end of each round. Use a stitch marker to keep track of each round. The mushrooms are worked from the top down.


With Cardinal Red

Round 1: in magic ring sc 6

Round 2: inc in each st (12 sts)

Round 3: complete the following [inc in next st, sc in next st] x 6 (18 sts)

Round 4: complete the following [inc in next st, sc in next 2 sts] x 6 (24 sts)

Rounds 5-7: work even

Add a little polyfil to the piece.

Round 8: complete the following [sc in next 2 sts, dec] x 6 (18 sts)

Join Off-white at the end of Round 8

Round 9: working in BLO complete the following [sc in next st, dec] x 6 (12 sts)

Rounds 10-12: work even

Add a little polyfil to the stem.

Round 13: working in BLO dec x 6 (6 sts)

Fasten off leaving a long tail. With an embroidery needle, thread the yarn tail and finish closing the bottom. Insert the needle in the center of the bottom and towards the top underside. Give it a gentle tug so the base becomes slightly concave. Secure with a few hidden stitches and fasten off. 

With an embroidery needle, sew the earring hook to the top center of the mushroom.

You can leave the mushroom as is or you can paint white spots with acrylic
paint for a finishing touch!

I hope you enjoy this mushroom earrings crochet pattern and if you make the earrings feel free to share photos because I always love seeing your creations! I’m on Instagram @popsdemilk_crochet and you can use the hashtag #popsdemilk.

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