Lyrical Cuff

You ever wake up with a tune deeply stuck in your head? You keep humming it and even though at first you weren’t crazy about it you eventually start thinking, “Hm, this song is actually quite beautiful and well put together.”

This is what’s been happening to me for the past four days. I have had Dark Paradise stuck in my head. Even when I’m not fully awake my brain is already rewinding the tape and playing the chorus again.

One morning I woke up as usual silently singing, “Every time I close my eyes…” when I thought of a new cool (and quick!) craft project. I wanted a wrist cuff.

With the chorus from Dark Paradise on it.

It was Saturday morning and Jay was still sleeping – was only 7 o’clock. I got up and quickly gathered materials:

-Lyrics from a song you love. Or poetry. Or last week’s grocery list. Whatever.

-Vinyl fabric 8.5″ by 11″. I had scraps leftover from when I attempted to make a neon orange skirt.

-Program of your choice ie. Photoshop, MS Paint, Word, Gimp, etc.

-A laserjet printer because that’s what I have and I’m not sure which other printers will work for this project.


-Needle and thread to sew the snaps on. I happened to have the same colour thread as my fabric but I’m sure a different colour will add some character to the piece.

-Rubbing alcohol and cotton swab – in case you make a smudge.

First you need to know that your printer will not break if you feed it vinyl. Please make sure before you even think about starting up MS Paint.

Once you’ve got that figured out you can enter the words of your choice into the software of your choice. To figure out how big to make the image I did a quick search on Google and found this handy inches to pixels calculator. When you’re happy with how your lyrics look grab your vinyl and cross your fingers as it runs through the printer.


Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff printed

For some reason I ended up printing a box around the words. Oh well…

For my cuff I made it 2″ by 6.5″ – it all depends on the size of your wrist and how wide you want it.

Mark where you want the cuff to close. I made a seam on each end but you can skip this step and simply sew the snaps on and trim the excess.

Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff marking snaps

Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff mark holes

Mark where the holes for the snaps will be.

Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff snaps on Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff inside seam

Secure the snaps, fold the fabric, sew, and trim the excess.

If it gets a bit smudged you can very carefully wipe it off with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff fixing smudges

And that’s all there is to it. Naturally I now want to make a billion cuffs with random stuff on them.

Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff Pops de Milk - Lyrical Cuff showing it off



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