Lumpy Space Princess Sleeping Mask

A couple of months ago Twinkie Chan shared a pattern for a Holly Golightly sleeping mask. I thought it looked so cute and thought about making my own mask but my wandering crochet mind quickly forgot. Recently though I had a dream. It might have been the night I watched The Lich episode of Adventure Time where Finn and Jake help Billy collect crystals from all the princesses in the land of Ooo. I guess the most memorable part was when they took the star-shaped crystal from Lumpy Space Princess while she was sleeping. I think that same night I saw that Twinkie Chan had made more crochet sleeping masks.

That’s the only explanation I can think of as to how I came to have a dream about an LSP sleeping mask that thankfully, when I woke up, I was able to remember.

Lumpy Space Princess Sleeping Mask

I used acrylic worsted weight yarn and a 4.00mm crochet hook. To crochet this sleeping mask I decided to use tapestry crochet and drew a chart where each X or square represents a single crochet stitch. In Row 3 you’ll notice in the brackets it says (3sc inc) so for that stitch you’ll make 3 sc stitches in the same space. In Row 36 you’ll make a 3sc dec or sc3tog.To make your own Lumpy Space Princess mask first chain 9 then single crochet in the second chain from the hook and each chain across to total 8 single crochet stitches. After that just follow the chart in the direction of the arrow, working in rows. And it helps to use a stitch marker at the beginning of the first row just to remind you which side you’re working on and which direction you need to go. To make colour changes start making a single crochet but before pulling the yarn through to finish, pull the new colour through and try to “trap” the hanging yarn in the stitches as you go along. In this case I’m starting on the eyes so that means changing to black yarn for one single crochet stitch and then immediately switching back to purple:

To finish off the mask I sewed elastic to the sides.

Now I can enjoy my lumping sleep like a princess.

6 thoughts on “Lumpy Space Princess Sleeping Mask

  1. Oh my glob, this is the coolest thing! All summer I have been thinking that I need a sleeping mask so I don’t wake up as soon as the sun rises (which is waaayyyyy too early at the moment!) but even if I didn’t need one, I would still totally need this LSP one! She is the best, you are awesome, and I need to start making it!

  2. Aah! I wish I wasn’t so confused by crochet charts and lingo so I could make one of these for myself! It would be great if you figured out other characters too!

    1. I was confused by crochet charts too but I kept seeing all these cool, nerdy pixel crochet creations so I told the confusion to go away. But really I started with the basics and then moved on to more complicated designs. You can do it too!
      And definitely will be making more Adventure Time characters 🙂

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