Lace Crochet Top

Over the last several days I’ve been dedicating my time to finishing this lace crochet top. When I finally weaved in the last end and dunked the finished top into a basin of fiber wash, I almost felt my eyes prick. I’m not gonna lie, it was a challenging project and I struggled.

Remember way back in March when I got the notion of designing my own openwork crochet top? And when that turned out to be just a tad too ambitious I searched for alternatives? We’ve been through a lot, the top and I. There were times when I considered frogging it and never looking at crochet thread again. Oh! And what about when three quarters of the way through the second piece I noticed the threads were different shades! And let’s not forget the frustration at finding that the foundation for the second piece was considerably smaller than the first.

lace-crochet-top-side-pops-de-milk lace-crochet-top-sass-pops-de-milk lace-crochet-top-front-closeup-pops-de-milk lace-crochet-top-back-pops-de-milk

What a journey. What. A. Journey. I feel so incredibly accomplished and eager to start another lace project. This time I will really pay attention to the details because that, from what I’ve learned, is where lace crochet gets its beauty and character.

lace-crochet-top-side-closeup-pops-de-milk lace-crochet-top-pops-de-milk

The pattern I used, and altered a bit, can be found here on Sweet Nothings Crochet.


19 thoughts on “Lace Crochet Top

    1. Awww thank you Eleanor!! Definitely worth the struggle, I looked at the photos again this morning and said, “I can’t believe I made that top.” And thanks about the hair, your comment made me giggle 😀

  1. I like your version much better than the original. I’m more fond of the sleeveless look rather than the tank top look. You need to publish your own version. Thanx for the inspiration.

    1. Oh wow thank you, that is an amazing compliment! I would like to design my own garments and you have given me some great motivation 🙂

  2. Great job done.. thanks for sharing my blog and crediting me. Appreciate it. Have a great day too 🙂

    1. Thank you for creating the pattern! I’m actually wearing it today and feeling very proud 🙂

  3. I too love your pattern more than the original in terms of shape. What changes did you make in pattern terms. I’ve been crocheting a long time but altering patterns and creating patterns aren’t my thing so could you possibly tell me exactly how you went about creating this? Thank you.

    1. Thanks Kim! I wanted to follow the original pattern from the start but I had to make last minute modifications because I may have misread some of the instructions. I had to add rows along the sides because one piece was much bigger than the other (this happened because the foundation wasn’t the same size as the first piece). I was confused about the neckline so I improvised by marking the middle and then working short rows on each side for the shoulders. To finish it all off I worked a row of single crochet for a border before sewing everything together. Someday I may design my own lace top but for now I hope this helps!

      1. I’m trying to figure it all out. I guess I wont really know until I start making it. I like the way you attached the pieces on the sides. I’m much larger than the size the pattern is made in but I can kinda stick to the pattern somewhat and then use the sides to add room if needed. One of my favorite things that you did is the neckline at the back with the keyhole. I’m sure I can try to piece it all together once I finally begin the project. Thanks again for your help.

          1. Hi there, the pattern I used can be found at the bottom of the blog post. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Patricia I was wondering would this work up in 100% dk cotton ? As I can’t work with the thread.

    1. Hi Amanda, I believe you can and it would work up a little faster than with thread. I’d love to know how that turns out!

  5. Hello, I like the top, very cute, can’t find the pattern though, do you have the pattern for this top?

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