June Socks

When I set out on this sock making adventure I had next to no knowledge on crocheting socks. My first attempt ever was a mess and I never finished the pair.┬áBut ever since starting on The Year of the Sock I’ve learned a few things and discovered there is still much to know. Such as, knowing how much yarn is needed for a pair. At the start of the year I made a big yarn purchase, including a skein that I thought would be enough for a pair of socks. I’ve learned, after making three pairs of socks, this wouldn’t be enough yarn. I didn’t want to make a yarn order just for that particular colour and my local Michael’s didn’t have it so for this month the challenge is to make a pair of mesh ankle socks using this free pattern I found on Ravelry. I hope this works out.

june 7 socks 1 - pops de milk

The yarn is Red Heart – Heart & Sole superfine (1) sock yarn and the colour is Sorbeto. I was drawn to the fun cotton candy shades and thought the yarn would be great for straight up single crochet socks. Maybe next time I will remember that over estimating is a good thing when it comes to buying yarn.

june 7 socks 2 - pops de milk


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