I knitted a mouse!

Last week I became seriously interested in learning how to knit. I started with simple projects, like wash cloths, as I mentioned before. And I also mentioned the pattern for Fair Isle Mice.

I am happy to announce that my knitted mouse is done! Honestly, I was beyond impressed with myself. I made a few little mistakes here and there but overall I’m just glad I stuck to it and it turned out awesome.

One of the challenges I faced was knowing when to make a knit stitch and when to purl. How do I know when to do what? Well, the way I got over that was to remember that the “pretty” side is knit and the “ugly” side is purl (I only say ugly because with all the different yarn colour changes it got quite messy…more on that later).

Like so:

Pretty side = Knit stitch:

Ugly side = Purl stitch:

Another way to remember is if you’re looking at the knitted side it looks like a bunch of letter V’s and if you’re looking at the purl side it looks like a bunch of W’s, well, sort of haha. Knit = V and Purl = W. Easy!

Now the next problem I ran into was the annoying tangled yarns. I read that the best way to avoid this was to use bobbins for each yarn. I ignored these warnings and went ahead changing colours as needed. This is what happened:

Luckily this was not that difficult to undo after I had finished changing yarns BUT it could have been avoided¬†altogether¬†if I had used bobbins or better still if I had remembered to use my yarn bag. Why is it that I completely forgot to use the bag I made with holes especially made for different yarns? If you’re interested in making you’re own yarn bag with holes check out this tutorial. Anywho, I learned my lesson haha.

I’m feeling a lot more confident about knitting and I think my next serious knit project will be a pair of chunky socks. Stayed tuned for that!




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