How To: Shape Crochet Pieces

In preparation for next week’s project reveal, I want to show you how to shape a crochet piece by making increases and decreases. If you’ve ever made a sweater or something that required you to add stitches at the end of a row then you probably know where I’m going with this. If you’re like me and this is your first time, stick around.

How To: Shape Crochet PiecesHow To: Shape Crochet Pieces - Pops de Milk

Without giving too much away the photo above is of the mystery project and if you’ll notice, there are increases/decreases at the end of each row. When I first started this project my first thought was to simply add the necessary chains at the end of the row, work my way back and add chains at the end of the new row. But you can imagine that the piece would not be even – picture a cross, only one half is higher than the other. To make the shape symmetrical here is how you make an increase:

Start your project as you would and when you come to the end of a row make the number of chains needed.How To - Shape Crochet Pieces

Work your way across the next row but stop a few stitches from the end and remove the hook, careful to pull enough yarn so your piece doesn’t come undone.How To - Shape Crochet PiecesInsert the hook into the last stitch and add the necessary number of chains. Remove hook and fasten off.How To - Shape Crochet PiecesInsert the hook back into the working loop and crochet to end and into your newly created chains.How To - Shape Crochet Pieces

After a few increases this is what the piece would look like:How To - Shape Crochet PiecesTo make decreases finish the row as you would and instead of making a chain and working your way back, fasten off. Remove the hook and join in the indicated space: How To - Shape Crochet PiecesHow To - Shape Crochet PiecesContinue to work across the row but remember to stop before the end. In this example, I need to have a decrease of 2 stitches at both ends of the row so I will begin my row 2 stitches in and I will end my row with 2 stitches remaining.How To - Shape Crochet Pieces

And that’s how you shape crochet pieces with increases and decreases. Check back soon for the project that will put your newly found knowledge to use!

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