Hanging Container Organisation

Since becoming more and more into crafting, knitting, crochet, and sewing the supplies have increased while my work area has decreased. I’m usually shoving things to the side hoping they won’t fall off the edge or putting things on the floor and later tripping over them. Sometimes I don’t even want to bring out my sewing machine because it means I have to move all my supplies somewhere else.

what a mess

I switched on the hamster wheel in my head and got to thinking of ways to get organised. Then I glanced at the crochet cover I made a year ago for the small can that holds my crochet hooks. Why not make covers for all my jars and cans? But…then what? There’s the still the problem of the containers using up valuable real estate on my desk. The solution: hang them from hooks on the wall.

I used the Ikea wall rail with hooks that we had in storage and screwed it into the wall above my desk.

ikea bar

For the crochet covers I used stitches found on New Stitch A Day, improvising for crocheting in the round. The bottom of the covers were done using a single crochet stitch and for the top I made sure to do a lacy or scalloped edge for the hook to fit through. The size of the cover all depends on the size of the container so you will want to measure as you’re crocheting to decide if you need more stitches or where to stop.

almost there

preglue cover

I mixed Mod Podge with water in a plastic baggie to make the stiffening solution and then added the cover until it was saturated in the glue. I didn’t measure but it was roughly one part water to one part glue….maybe a little more glue than water.


For the next step, if you want to be able to remove the jar from the cover you should wrap it in cling wrap before putting the cover on, otherwise it will stick to the jar and leave a gluey film on the glass or can. I decided to let it stick directly to the jar and can.

brown cover

Heard the sound of hooves on pavement and was distracted momentarily by the police horses going down to the beach. Ah…I love horses…

distracting horses

I let the covers dry over night and then put them up. I absolutely love this. I have my tools within reach and off my work area.

green and brown

covered cans and jar

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