Embroidery Floss Storage, Fine Yarn Too

Years ago I asked my mom if I could borrow her embroidery thread for a project. I believe I was cross stitching an image of a house surrounded by foliage and I needed different shades and hues of green so I brought my mom’s giant embroidery floss storage jar home and never returned it. I’m not even sure she knows it’s missing. Well, she’ll know now where her threads went.

Lately I’ve been dipping my toes into the unknown waters of embroidery and have made a mess of my mom’s neatly braided threads. I think when she bought the thread she took like colours and braided them together so you had to pull them out very carefully whenever you wanted to use the thread. Eventually this happened:

basket of floss

I passively searched craft and department stores for a proper embroidery floss storage container but didn’t find any big enough for the amount I had. But after a quick Google search I had a solution to my problem:

clothes pin embroidery floss storage

It took several nights of winding thread around sixty clothes pins but at last I finished and now all my (mom’s) threads are neatly wound by colour.

clothes pin storage

basket of floss

I still needed a container for the floss and one happened to fall into my hands – thank you Ikea for packaging small parts in perfectly sized boxes. But this yarn storage system is pretty flexible, I was also thinking of just clamping the clothes pins to my drapes and adding some colour to the room!


embroidery storage shoebox

Now the next step is to decorate the box 🙂

I’ve also been tempted to take advantage of the clothes pins’ versatility and clamp them onto a string running across my wall. I think it would brighten up my work area and make finding finer yarns more fun. I’ll post any photos if I get around to turning my embroidery floss storage system into crafty work area decor 😉

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