Dry Erase Board DIY

Last night I finished this DIY and I am so excited about it that I just need to tell you all about it. Actually, I’ve been excited about it since I saw the tutorial here at Stay-at-Home Artist. Being a serious lover of list-making, the morning after I read the blog post I set about scavenging around the apartment for the necessary materials and here’s what I found:

-Frame I wasn’t using (the frame I found used to be for my high school diploma but a long time ago I replaced that with a painting I made in high school because do we really need to frame a HS diploma?)

-Gesso acrylic primer

-Acrylic paint

-Scrap fabric

-Card stock

-Dry erase markers

I’m not sure if I really needed to prime the frame but I worried that the paint I used wouldn’t show up well on the dark wood.

I decided not to glue the fabric onto the mat that came with the frame because I’m thinking I’ll switch the fabric every so often – I like variety. Same goes with the card stock.

And now I have a pretty, in-your-face (literally because I’ve put it right above my laptop), dry erase board for my daily to-do lists. Joy!!

2 thoughts on “Dry Erase Board DIY

    1. Thank you! You have no idea how giddy I got when I saw your dry erase board, I tend to make lots of lists haha.

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