DIY Pillow Insert

The Tall ‘n’ Fast Flower CAL is coming to an end, which means a new pillow to decorate our place. But first, a pillow insert.¬†Finding a round pillow just the right size did not prove to be fast and easy. I thought I could waltz in to Michael’s and a 14″ round pillow would be waiting for me. I was disappointed to only find squares, rectangles, and bags of stuffing. I almost walked out empty-handed (okay, I had also picked up a tiny wooden bird house to paint) and on an impulse grabbed a bag of stuffing telling myself I’d just have to go without an insert.

week 4

But as I was getting into bed that same night I thought, “I could just make the insert myself, couldn’t I?”

Yes, yes I could. With an old pillow case, a bit of thread, and a lot of stuffing I made my own round pillow insert. I very briefly considered using my sewing machine but I knew I’d spend more time dusting it and setting it up than it would take to sew the two pieces by hand. Seriously, it took very little time. Of course the stitching isn’t very neat but no one’s going to see it, right?

To make a pillow insert I used an old pillow case and used one of the finished flower pillow sides to measure – I left about a half inch of seam allowance.

materials for a pillow - pops de milk pillow cutout - pops de milk

I sewed almost all the way around and then began to stuff. I left it squishy so that I can easily insert it into the flower pillow and then add more stuffing.

stuff the pillow - pops de milk pillow insert - pops de milk

pillow insert done - pops de milk

That is a fine pillow if I do say so myself. Now I just need to close the flower and add the edging. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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