DIY Felt Cat Brooch ~ An Experiment

As a crafter experimenting is something I do often. Sometimes the experiments are a success and sometimes I fail…or I end up somewhere in between where the outcome isn’t exactly what I had imagined but the results are just as rewarding. This cat brooch falls under the “somewhere in between” category – originally I was going to embroider the face details but as I said, experiments don’t always go according to plan. I suppose it would help if I planned every little step ahead of time but that takes the fun out of random crafting, right? Making mistakes and working with those mistakes (or creative attempts, as I prefer to call them) is what helps to develop creativity and imagination. I mean, how else would I come up with this funny-looking cat?

DIY Felt Cat BroochDIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk

This felt cat brooch was made from a test batch of felted yarn from when I was experimenting with how to felt yarn by hand for the slippers I posted last week. I was impressed by how sturdy and thick the felted square was and wanted to know if I could cut it – would the yarn fall apart? Would it hold together? I had to find out and the first shape that came to mind was a cat’s head.DIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk DIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk

Next came eyes and a nose. As I mentioned I had intended on embroidering the face but I was really curious about how Mod Podge would do on felted yarn. The short answer is that it’s a very effective stiffener. Once the Mod Podge had dried I could not insert a needle through. Plan B – hot glue eyes and a nose!DIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk

I wasn’t happy with how the eyes looked (just a tad soulless for my taste) so I thought a little paint would give it some character. I also painted a mouth using white acrylic paint.DIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk

And the last step was to hot glue a brooch pin to the back.DIY Felt Cat Brooch - Pops de Milk

My favourite part about this pin is the cat’s expression – a mischievous alley cat with a really good sense of humour. And of course I love that this experiment didn’t fail because my head is now swimming with ideas for future pins and brooches!


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