We’ve been having a few gloriously warm summer days lately, perfect for sun bathing and chillin at the beach. Jason and I were visiting my sister in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago when I read a blog post by Squirrel Picnic where Jennifer Olivarez shares her Croshades pattern. Croshades are awesomely cute and hilarious crochet shades intended for yarn bombing. My intention was to put them on the statues and sculptures around the parliament buildings but with my dad’s birthday, swimming at Meech Lake, lazily eating ice cream at La Cigale while having conversations on human behaviour, I didn’t get a chance to go so instead I wore them while I lounged under the sun.

The pattern was very easy to follow and I really liked the way Jennifer designed the arms because even without pipe cleaners they still hold their shape well. Also, I completely forgot to pack white yarn so my Croshades don’t have the reflection spots, boo.

Also, I can see myself adding an elastic band at the back and turning these into a sleeping mask!

2 thoughts on “Croshades

  1. Yay! I’m overcome with excitement to see that you have crocheted a pair of croshades. You rock so much! Thank you for making them and taking them with you on your holiday and posting about it on your blog. Did I say that you rock? Because you really, really do!

    Is it okay if I save your photos to share with everyone on my blog later this year?

    1. Aww thank you! Your croshades were so awesome I had to wear them hehe. And for sure you can share the photos, I would be happy if you did 🙂

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