Crochet Zombie Pattern Roundup

Ahh! Zombie!!

Crochet zombie roundup, that is…actually that’s even scarier than just one zombie. Still, of all the different Halloween ghouls and monsters out there I think my favourite are zombies. I have seen a lot of zombie movies but a few days ago while Little Sister Sue and I searched for a (somewhat) scary movie to watch I realised I haven’t seen quite a few of the old classics like White Zombie, the first zombie movie ever made. Filmed in 1932, it stars Bela Lugosi as an evil voodoo master in Haiti who brings people back from the dead and turns them into slaves. Surprisingly these zombies don’t eat flesh but they do kill people under Murder Legendre’s orders. Despite the age of the movie, I thought it was creepy and a must-see for all zombie enthusiasts.

So, because Halloween is almost here and I still have White Zombie on my mind, I collected a few of my favourite crochet zombie patterns, including my own zombie pattern from earlier this year. 

1. Zombie Mug Cozy – Geek Crafts

2. Crochet Zombie – Pops de Milk

3. Zombie Bunny – Crochetbot 3000

4. Zombies in Love – Squirrel Picnic

5. Zombie Gretel – Speckerna

6. Zombie Murphy – Speckerna

Do you love zombies? What’s your favourite zombie movie?

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