Whale Crochet Tissue Cozy

Being sick is often a miserable experience, for me, I always need a few tissues on hand. Whether you’re the kind of person who has travel packs of tissues or you grab a handful from a box at home, this adorable whale crochet tissue cozy will keep the tissues in one place. Would make a great stocking stuffer or last minute gift!

Keep scrolling for the free pattern or you can purchase the inexpensive and ad-free PDF pattern in my shop and on Etsy.

The inspiration for the tissue cozy came after seeing this tissue box cover on Moogly. I thought it was cutest thing ever and really wanted to make one for myself. Except I don’t usually have boxes of tissues and instead opt for travel packs. After a bit of pattern testing (how would the tissues come out and where would the tail go?) I came up with this quick and easy design.

The tissues come out of, wait for it, the whale’s blowhole! This whale tissue cozy is made for standard tissue travel packs (typically 10 tissues per pack). I like bringing my whale tissue cozy to work, my colleagues at the office think it’s a super cute and I think they’re cheered up whenever they need to blow their nose.

Looking for more tissue box ideas? Check out this tutorial on how to make a tissue box cover on The Melrose Family!

Whale Crochet Tissue Cozy

To make this whale tissue cozy, I made the two pectoral fins and rear tail fin separately and sewed them on later. The back of the whale is open so you can put your tissue pack in. A button at the whale’s butt keeps the tissue pack secure.


-worsted weight yarn such as, Bernat Super Value – Sky and small amount in Black

-size 3.75mm crochet hook

-yarn needle

-button for closure

-needle and thread to sew button


Notes: Body is worked in rounds, do not turn at the end. Use stitch markers to keep track of rounds. Starting ch 1 does not count as stitch, make first stitch in the same space as joining sl st. Tail is worked in rows, turn at the end of each row.


Round 1: ch 9, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, make 3 sc in last ch, continuing along the bottom of the foundation ch, sc in the next 6 spaces, make 2 sc in last space, join with sl st to first st (18 sts)

Round 2: ch 1, make 2 sc in 1st st, sc in next 6sts, 2 sc in next 3sts, sc in next 6sts, 2 sc in last 2sts, join with sl st to first st (24 sts)

Rounds 3-6: ch 1, work even (24 sts)

Round 7: ch 1, sc in next 3sts, ch 5, skip 5sts, sc in remaining sts, join with sl st to first st (19 sts, 5 ch)

Round 8: ch 1, sc in each st and ch around, join with sl st to first st (24 sts)

Rounds 9-20: ch 1, work even (24 sts)

Fasten off and weave ends.


Row 1: Pick up a st in the 5th or 6th st of Round 20 of the body, sc in next 7sts, turn (7 sts)

Row 2: ch 1, dec, sc in next 3 sts, dec in last 2 sts, turn (5 sts)

Rows 3: ch 1, dec, sc in next st, dec in last 2 sts, turn (3 sts)

Row 4: ch 1, dec, sc in last st, turn (2 sts)

Row 5: ch 1, sc in each st, ch 8, sl st to 2nd st

Fasten off and weave ends.

Flukes, make 2

Leave long starting yarn tail, ch 7, sl st in 2nd ch, hdc in next ch, dc in next 3 ch, in last ch make [hdc, sc, hdc], dc in next 3 spaces, hdc in next space, sl st in next space.

Fasten off and weave ends. With starting yarn tail sew flukes to Round 20 of Body.

Fins, make 2

ch 5, 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 2 ch, 3 sc in last ch, continue on bottom of foundation ch and sc in the next 3 spaces, sl st to first st. Fasten off and leave tail for sewing (10 sts)

Sew button to body making sure that loop fits securely around. Stitch a face with black yarn and a yarn needle. Add a pack of tissues and you’re ready to combat the sniffles!