Summer Beanie Crochet Pattern

Have you ever been in need of a summer beanie crochet pattern? For some people the harsh rays of the sun are a welcome treat but for others, going outside means bathing in sun screen and covering every inch of exposed skin. I fall somewhere in between this group of people, applying sun screen to my face (mostly) and occasionally wearing a wide brim hat but more often than not, my head is completely exposed.

In Peru I learned the hard way that it’s super important to wear a hat because after a day of hiking around ruins I had a bright red sunburn all over my scalp. It hurt to brush my hair. After that I became careful and diligent about covering up or limiting sun exposure but that’s hard to do when all I want is to get a tan or at the very least get just a touch of colour on my face. A solution presented itself when Middle Sister Gisell’s beau, Steve, asked for a summer beanie and I came up with a Summer Beanie Crochet Pattern.

Summer Beanie crochet pattern- Pops de Milk

He asked if I would make him a lightweight hat to wear during the summer – he’s not into wearing caps or huge hats but needs protection from the sun. I got to work and came up with a quick and simple crochet pattern using a light cotton yarn. Before long I had a soft and breathable slouchy beanie.

Steve has been wearing the beanie all summer – even on the super insane hot days! – and is very happy with it 🙂

Summer Beanie crochet pattern - Pops de Milk

Summer Beanie Crochet Pattern


-approx. 75g light weight cotton yarn. The green hat was made with Phildar – Phil Coton (3). The lilac hat was made with Cotton Fair – Cotton/Acrylic (2)

-3.50 and 3.25 mm crochet hooks


Pattern is worked in rounds from the top down and can be adjusted to different sizes. Do not turn at the end of each round. Starting chain(s) does not count as stitch. For this beanie the circumference around the rim is 18 inches and the length from top to rim is 10″. The rim is made with tighter stitches and elastic thread carried through because over time the fabric will stretch. You can choose to work in the back loops only (for more drape) for the whole beanie or you can work in both loops (for denser fabric) or a combination. The green beanie is worked in back loops only throughout, while the lilac beanie started in both loops and then switched to back loops for Rounds 8-17. Try the beanie on as you go along, being careful not to stretch it, and make necessary adjustments.

Starting with 3.50 mm hook. Keep a comfortable tension for a soft fabric.

Round 1: in magic ring ch 3 and make 12 dc, sl st to first st

Round 2: inc in each st (24 sts)

Round 3: ch 3, [dc in next st, inc in next st] complete around, sl st to first st (36 sts)

Round 4: ch 3, [dc in next 2sts, inc in next st] complete around, sl st to first st (48 sts)

Round 5: ch 3, [dc in next 3sts, inc in next st] complete around, sl st to first st (60 sts)

Round 6: ch 3, [dc in next 4sts, inc in next st] complete around, sl st to first st (72 sts)

Round 7: ch 3, [dc in next 5sts, inc in next st] complete around, sl st to first st (84 sts)

Here is where you may want to add or remove stitches to make the hat bigger or smaller.

Rounds 8-17: work even

Switch to 3.25 mm hook and tighten up the tension a bit. Or if you’re like me and you have a big head then don’t switch hooks and/or keep a relaxed tension.

Rounds 18-21: ch 3, dc in each st around, sl st to first st

For the remaining rounds, hold the elastic thread against your work and “carry” the thread as you complete each stitch. At the end of the round give the elastic thread a gentle tug before starting the next round.

Beanie carrying thread - pops de milk

Round 22-25: ch 1, sc in each st around, sl st to first st

Fasten off and weave all ends.

Lilac beanie 1- pops de milk
Lilac beanie 3 - pops de milk
Lilac beanie 2- pops de milk
Lilac beanie - pops de milk

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