Stuart the Crochet Stegosaurus

Crochet Stegosaurus Cube - Pops de Milk

In our home, at the height of summer, when it gets really hot and the house plants flourish, I sometimes see a strange creature rummaging through the basil, or chewing on the stems of our English Ivy. It’s hard to make out what exactly it is because it moves so fast, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a mini stegosaurus! Naturally, Jason doesn’t believe me, but he also knows I’m always right, so we decided to investigate further by luring the mini stegosaurus with Stuart, our decoy crochet stegosaurus!

We wanted to make a decoy about the same size as the creature I swear I saw, so this crochet stegosaurus is about 7 inches tall, including the very intimidating scales.

There are altogether eight scales along Stuart’s back and a little thagomizer (aka. tail), with two terrifying spikes on it.

I really wanted to avoid having to make four separate leg pieces so that the body and legs would be seamless. After lots of testing I created holes into the belly by skipping stitches and making a set of chains where I would later build the legs. I am so happy with how this turned out, such a neat finish.

I did continuous rounds until the legs were the right height, making sure to firmly stuff as I went along.

This guy was super fun to make, and is the perfect project for anyone looking for a cute and funny crochet dinosaur. Naturally, the size can be adjusted by using thicker yarn with a larger hook or finer yarn with a smaller hook. Would be cool to make a stegosaurus pillow or shrink it down to be used as a keychain or crafty jewelry.

Surprisingly, this cute little stegosaurus cube hasn’t lured out the creature I may have possibly dreamed about seeing. But we do have an adorable crochet dinosaur roaming the house, who knows what the stegosaurus will drag in!

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