Crochet Spring Bunny

Crochet Spring Bunny Pattern - Pops de Milk cropped

Ahh spring! The perfect season to make a crochet spring bunny. The air is fresh and fragrant with the scent of budding trees and flowering plants, the spring breeze is crisp, but soothing. And when it’s not raining, the weather is perfect for epic hikes through the woods! I absolutely love spring and seeing all the cute woodland creatures come out of their winter homes to scour the Toronto parks and neighborhoods for food.

On a recent walk, Jason and I saw an unusually high number of bunnies. They were tiny, quick, and above all, adorable. Seemingly powered by their cute l’lil white tails, they were darting around between the trees, ducking into bushes, and randomly freezing to remain still and difficult to see. It was an awesome wildlife-princess moment 😀

Naturally, I was helplessly drawn to making this crochet spring bunny, I got started on it almost immediately after my bunny encounter!

Crochet Spring Bunny - Pops de Milk

Crochet Spring Bunny

Normally my amigurumis tend to be on the smaller side but this bunny is about 11 inches in length. And I even made a little vest because it’s still a little nippy out there. I’ve used safety eyes but you can embroider the eyes instead.

Crochet Spring Bunny - Pops de Milk

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Notes on the pattern:

With the exception of the vest, pattern is worked in continuous spirals, do not join or turn at the end of each round. Use stitch markers to keep track of rounds.

Crochet Spring Bunny - Pops de Milk


-worsted weight yarn in colour of choice – for the body I used Bernat – Yellow, approx. 300 metres, small amount in Bernat – Light Grey for the tail, and a small amount in Bernat – Aqua for the vest

-size 3.75mm and 3.25mm crochet hooks

-size 12mm safety eyes – I purchased mine from 6060 on Etsy

-yarn needle

-pink embroidery thread and embroidery needle

-polyester fiberfill for stuffing

Stitch Abbr. (US terms)

st(s) – stitch(es)

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

inc – increase (2 sts in same st)

dec – decrease (sc2tog)

dc – double crochet

Once you have all the parts you can put your yarn needle to work and sew it all together.

Crochet Spring Bunny Parts - Pops de Milk

I hope you enjoy this crochet pattern and if you make it I’d love to see your creation!

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