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Crochet Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy

Slowly, my collection of mason jar cozies is growing. Ultimately I’d love to have a set of 4-6 cozies and as of last night I decided there would be a theme to the set. Seeing as I already have a bear and a fox I thought I would continue with the woodland creatures theme and so I came up with this adorable Crochet Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy:

Crochet Raccoon Mason Jar Cozy - Pops de Milk

Raccoon Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk Raccoon Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

So why a raccoon? Honestly, I think they are super cute, even though they scare me some times – especially while walking down a dark street and I realize that one is in a low tree branch right over my head. And yet, they’re so fluffy and cute with their keen beady little eyes, able to disarm you with a slight tilt to their head in a, “do you have a snack for me?” stare. I took some inspiration from notable raccoons like, Meeko the bottomless pit from Pocahontas, Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, and of course The Raccoons (used to love that cartoon as a kid!). Oh and there’s also this fella who kept along with us for a while during a walk in Stanley Park, pausing ahead sometimes to wait for us to catch up.Raccoon Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

Raccoon Mason Jar Cosy - Pops de Milk

Check out the Bear Mason Jar Cozy or the Fox Mason Jar Cozy to make your own!

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