Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern

I wasn’t sure what to call this project but I thought of the junk drawer everyone has – the drawer in the kitchen or bedroom or office where you stash miscellaneous things like rubber bands and measuring tape or journals and gum. Well, I don’t know about you but I tend to have random things in my purse or backpack that I do use/need but they tend to go all over the place. And even more frustrating is when I change purses and I forget to transfer every little random item from one bag to another! Keys, wallet, and cell phone are pretty standard items that I won’t leave the house without but there are other things I tend to forget. To solve this problem I made a pouch to store the small items so that when I change bags, all I need to do is grab this pouch and not worry about forgetting my lip balm or asthma inhaler. Of course, this would also be great as a make-up bag or a pouch to store crochet/knit/sewing notions, etc. Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern

Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk6

Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern

To make this pouch I went with a basic single crochet stitch and, because I’m still practising, I did it in a checkered tapestry crochet design. For this pouch I did not carry the yarn between colour switches and instead left loosely hanging yarn – I found it helpful to hold the yarn with my finger while changing colours so it wouldn’t be too tight in the middle.

Finished size : 7.5” x 4.5”
Gauge: 18 sc sts by 18 rows = 4” square
Materials :
Size 3.75mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn, such as Bernat Super Value in Soft Grey, True Grey, and Dark Grey, approx. 50 grams total
6” zipper
Needle and thread for sewing zipper
Yarn needle for sewing
fabric lining

Notes: Pattern is worked in rows of single crochet stitches. Tension is a bit tight. For this project, if doing tapestry crochet, it is not necessary to “carry” the yarn between color switches and unused yarn can be left loosely hanging, as pictured. You can create this pouch with a single color if desired or you can make different designs too!

How to Tapestry Crochet - Pops de Milk3

Row 1: ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, turn.
Row 2: ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.
Repeat Row 2 40 more times, making colour switches if desired. Fasten off and proceed to next steps.
If adding a fabric liner measure and cut the fabric using your completed rectangle as reference.
Because I added a liner it wasn’t a big deal to leave the loose bits of yarn hanging. In the end this is what the inside looked like:

Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk1
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk2
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk3
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk4
Crochet Junk Pouch Liner - Pops de Milk
Crochet Junk Pouch Liner - Pops de Milk1
Crochet Junk Pouch Zipper - Pops de Milk
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk8
Crochet Junk Pouch - Pops de Milk7

After making the rectangle I sewed the sides together but because I did not want a flat pouch, I added a bit of width by crocheting sides. I picked up stitches in the centre, decreasing as I got to the top and then sewed the rectangle to the sides. I made a liner with some scrap fabric and added a zipper too. For the zipper I used a sharp yarn needle to sew chain stitches, which I later sewed directly to the second last row of the crochet pouch. Now I have a fancy, and functional, pouch where I can safely store the little things I forget!

Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern

10 thoughts on “Checkered Pouch Crochet Pattern

  1. you did an amazing job of designing this little bag with a lot of thought of how you were going to create different aspects of it as well as how it would function! thank you for sharing it with all of us !

    1. Hi Melody, Thank you so much, I’m really glad you like the pouch 😀 It was pretty fun crocheting the pouch and was actually a little sad when it was over. I may have to continue making more checkered crochet projects!

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