Goron Mask Bag Crochet Pattern

Little Sister Sue, upon seeing my Boba Fett bag, immediately requested that I make her a Goron mask bag inspired by the Gorons from Zelda. Without thinking too much about it I agreed and a few days later did a quick Google search to help me design a Goron mask bag crochet pattern. I never really got into playing Zelda, though I did try and I did watch Little Sister Sue play quite a bit so I was somewhat familiar with a few characters. Still, when I searched for Gorons I realized I didn’t remember too much about them (other than their ability to roll like rocks) but more importantly their appearance. “They look like turnips with fish faces,” I said to my sister, who agreed.Goron Mask Bag - Pops de Milk

Goron Mask Bag Crochet Pattern

If you’re new to tapestry crochet check out this post on colour changes and this post on increases and decreases. For a liner I used this Tri-force fabric from Spoonflower. For the back piece I used a solid yarn color. Lastly, for a bag strap I used a long metal key chain that I found at my local dollar store and a snap for closure. Little Sister Sue was very happy 🙂

Difficulty: Intermediate


-Worsted yarn – I’ve used Bernat Super Value and Red Heart Super Saver in tan, peach, pale yellow, brown, black, white

-Size 4.00mm hook

Stitch Guide
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
Sl st – slip stitch
Dc – double crochet

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  1. Another amazing creation! Love the corona, they are so cute. My mum used to have a cat that made the same noise as them when he woke up. A sort of “uhh-eh!”

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