Donut Pin Crochet Pattern

The idea for this project came from a few things. It started one day when I came across this fun DIY Donut Purse on Studio DIY. I loved the idea of a donut as an accessory and was daydreaming about how I could crochet a donut bag. As I usually tend to do, I asked Jason if he thought a donut bag would be cool, like the Boba Fett and Goron bags. “What about the donut hole?” he asked and added “I don’t think that would work out so well.” I agreed he might be right but I would continue brainstorming and maybe experiment with a pin instead, perhaps using plastic canvas? A few days later, after I’d forgotten all about making a donut bag, I saw this crochet rose earring tutorial on Fiber Flux. She used embroidery thread to crochet roses! Embroidery thread! As it was my first time seeing anyone crochet with embroidery floss I was blown away. Of course I immediately brought out my box of thread – so many lovely colors, just sitting there –  and all of a sudden: donut. And that is how this crochet donut pin came to life.

Crochet Donut Pin

Once I knew I’d be making a donut I did a quick search for a pattern and found this awesome donut pattern on Little Things Blogged. But instead of using regular yarn I used embroidery thread and a size 2.00mm crochet hook. Also, in Rounds 4-10 of the base I only worked even until Round 8 and for the icing I only did Rounds 1-3. Before sewing the icing to the base I stitched on some sprinkles. Lastly, I sewed a pin to the back. Sweet!

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