Crochet Slipper Boots

When Jay and I went out for dinner last night I was shocked by how cold it suddenly got. I was shivering and I had to keep my jacket on even after we were seated at the Japanese restaurant we went to. Winter is definitely upon us and good thing I finished the crochet boot slippers!

Crochet Boot Slippers

I added the felt soles I made last week so they are wonderfully cushioned and so very warm. 

What I did differently from the pattern is that instead of using bulky yarn I used two strands together of worsted yarn. When I first started making the slippers it was my intention to keep them for myself but when Jay saw the slippers it was obvious he wanted them for himself so aside from using a different yarn, I also made size adjustments. The pattern is easy to follow and making adjustments was simple enough to do. If you find that the felted soles slide a little too much, especially on wood floors, you can check out this blog post on All About Ami where Stephanie shows you how she added non-slip soles to slippers using Plasti Dip.

To make your own pair of slippers head over to SMP Craft and download the free crochet boot slippers pattern.

And to felt your own slipper soles check out my tutorial on how to felt by hand.

8 thoughts on “Crochet Slipper Boots

  1. I am trying to make your slippers. I am confused about the difference between a row and a round. Also Round 6, I need clarification. It says to sc, with 2 increases one at the beginning and one at the end. it goes on with the 11 stitches to form the arch area. I get the two increases, I don’t understand where to put the 11 stitches since the row (rnd) ends with the second increase. I hope this explains it and that you have the opportunity to get back to me. I realize its close to Christmas (that is why I’m making these and you may not have time. Thank you.

    1. Hi Dana, thanks for your message. A Row is worked back and forth, turning at the end of the row. In Rounds you do not (usually) turn at the end and instead continue either in continuous spirals or joining with a slip stitch (in the case of this pattern you simply join and continue without turning). In Round 6 the 11 stitches are created in the Heel Rows. The boots are started with Rounds to created the Leg (or ankle) then you switch to Rows to make the Heel and back to Rounds to continue with the Instep – this is where the 11 sc come in. Also, please note this is not my pattern, just wanted to make sure I credit the original designer on SMP Craft.

  2. I so want to make these slipper boots, but the website no longer exists! Do you happen to have saved this pattern? Will you please share? Thanks, in advance!

    1. Oh no! That is really unfortunate because I can’t find the pattern either! Hopefully the website will be renewed again (fingers crossed). This also means I should probably get started on a new slipper boots design…

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