It’s here!! Creature Feetures is here!

When I got home from work one day I found a mail slip telling me I had a package waiting at the post office. I wasn’t expecting anything and for a moment I thought Jason had surprised me with something fun but he looked just as nonplussed as I did.

First thing the next day I went to solve the case of the mysterious package. It better not be some government document or something equally boring, I thought. I handed the mail slip to the man behind the counter and when he returned with my package he said, with a raised eyebrow, “Oh, from London, England.” Oh? And then it hit me – the baby booties book!!! I smiled, grabbed the package and practically skipped home.

I have been waiting for this moment and I cannot express how happy I feel. I put a lot of effort into the design of the baby booties and I know the other contributors did as well. This book has so many creative patterns made by very talented crocheters from around the world. It’s broken up into sections: Out of this world, Wild animals, Cute creatures, and Good enough to eat.

Creature Feetures Pops de Milk Creature Feetures Pops de Milk Creature Feetures Pops de Milk

The Creature Feetures crochet pattern book is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and….there is also a GIVEAWAY!

The amazing publishing team sent an extra copy of Creature Feetures for me to gift. Contest is open worldwide and will run for the month of March, ending at 11:59pmEST on March 31.

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8 thoughts on “It’s here!! Creature Feetures is here!

  1. I love strawberries baby booties, and all that look like fairy or elf/gnome baby booties!!

  2. I think your Beetlejuice sandworm slippers are the most unique ones I’ve ever seen! I do love little baby booties that look like monster feet as well.

  3. What super cute and creative booties! I once made a pair of booties that looked like sharks were eating the baby’s legs. They took forever and by the time I finished, I think the baby was too big to wear them!

  4. I haven’t seen very many in person, but online I think the sharks/dragons appearing to eat the kid’s legs are pretty cool.

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