Crafty Pouches PLUS a Giveaway!

I know it’s been forever since I finished school but every year when August comes to an end I find myself craving a back-to-school shopping trip. And I’m talking stationery – erasers, pens, glue sticks, notebooks…

I’ve already amassed quite a collection of school supplies over the years so instead of going in search of more scholastic materials I’m going to change things up a bit. I believe, as a crafter, it’s fair to gather all sorts of **necessary materials for the coming year. In my case I’ll be searching for more sock yarn and miscellaneous notions like buttons and a set of whimsical scissors. Of course I’ll need some sort of portable storage, something like a pouch or a bag? Perhaps something like these crafty projects:

9Crochet Monster Pencil Case - Pops de Milk

Monster pencil case

junk pouch

“Junk” pouch


BMO tablet case

“But what about the actual project? Where will you store that?” you must be asking. Well, what do you think of my new DellaQ project bag? Isn’t it so pretty? I absolutely love the design, especially the small inner pocket that’s perfect for hooks and stitch markers. The bag closes up in a cinch, which is something I need to be able to do when I’m getting off the train on my commute to and from work. The bags are 100% cotton and are designed by the hard working and multi-talented Della. The bags are beautifully hand sewn in Vietnam and a share of the profits from Della’s products go to an organization that teaches quilting to Vietnamese women of low-income and rural areas.

dellaq bag 4

dellaq bag 5

I was so happy to get a DellaQ bag but I was beyond thrilled that I got an extra bag to giveaway! Contest details and entry below.

dellaq bag 2

dellaq bag 1

dellaq bag 3

Enter here for a chance to win!

Contest is open worldwide and will run until August 25th, 11:59pm EST.

**This will vary for many crafters. I may find that a Percy the Pencil (or hook) Porcupine is necessary but you might say, “Seriously? You need a pencil holder that looks like a porcupine?”



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