Crafting for Christmas

Ever since I started crocheting I’ve made it a tradition to make gifts for my family for Christmas. There were a few times in between my learning to crochet and now when I did end up buying something from a store but seeing as I’ve been unemployed for the past year I will (very happily) use my skilled hands to make presents. Also, they will be made with love.

But what to make, is always the question. Previously I made a hat and scarf for my mom, a mug cosy for my dad, a scarf for Little Sister Sue, a sleeve vest for Middle Sister Gisell, and a scarf with matching hat for Jay. If you’re wanting to make something for your loved ones I would strongly recommend you ask them what they want so you don’t end up making a long scarf out of really nice wool only to find out the recipient is allergic to natural fibres and also has way too many scarves already. This year I sent out an email to my family asking what they would prefer for Christmas and to give me ideas so here is what I will be working on:

Mom: Naturally my mom said I could make her anything and she would love it so I prodded her further and she said she wouldn’t mind a yarn bag or slippers. I haven’t yet decided if I should make the yarn bag I mentioned in a previous post (tutorial can be found here) or the pair of slippers, which can also be found in my Etsy shop. Decisions, decisions.

Dad: For his birthday (using the Amineko pattern found here) I crocheted my dad a meditating cat because that’s what my dad does, he meditates and I thought he might need a companion. So my dad has asked for a companion for his cat! This is Fritz…his friend will be made in a vibrant pink yarn.

Middle Sister Gisell: A few days before I sent out the email, she sent me the photo below. So far I have bought the t-shirt I’ll be using and I have drawn the design onto freezer paper.

Little Sister Sue: Years ago, I’m ashamed to admit, she asked for a snake scarf for her birthday and I have yet to make it. The snake scarf is meant to have a zig zag design, a head with a mouth and eyes and a forked tongue sticking out. It’s an idea we came up with one night while playing video games and in theory it sounded amazing. But in practice, at the time, I felt it was too advanced for my skills. But things have changed.

Jay: When it comes to my lover and best bud I can think of a million things I could make him, but deciding on just one item is the trick. This was easily solved for me when his friend came to stay with us and she inspired me to knit a sweater. That’s right, I am currently knitting a v-neck vest for Jay. I found the pattern here and so far I have finished the back and have started working on the front:

Now that I’ve actually written out what I’ll be making I realise I need to get my hands knitting, crocheting, sewing, and crafting ASAP! It might seem like I’ve got loads of time (just a little over a month before the holidays) but Christmas has a tendency to sneak up on you. Wish me luck!

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  1. I know is been two years but today at almost one month ’till Christmas, I wish luck an Happy Holidays to you and all your followers.

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