Christmas Spirit Crochet Pattern Collection

This year, like most years, it felt as though as soon as American Thanksgiving ended the holiday dial switched to Christmas overnight. Shops have started selling candy canes and the holiday coffee flavours include eggnog and peppermint. Work is very festive and the decorations inspired me to put a few things up in my workspace. Can you guess what I put on my desk? Of course, the Christmas tree with buttons. I also hung a crochet tree ornament (it’s a pizzelle and the pattern can be found on Squirrel Picnic), and of course a Christmas coaster. I might want to make more decorations but not sure what and my inner voice is saying, no, screaming, “The WIPs! The overdue WIPs!”
Buuut what crocheter ever listens to that voice? In which case, this collection of holiday crochet decorations is calling to me:


Christmas Stockings – Zoom Yummy
Holly and Berries – From Home Crochet
Crochet Christmas Tree – The Lazy Hobbyhopper
Christmas wreath ring – Whiskers & Wool
Crochet Ribbon Christmas Tree – Poppy and Bliss

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