December Socks To End The Year Of The Sock

Another year comes to an end and just in time I have finished the last pair of the Year of the Sock crochet challenge – the December Socks. I have to say, this is my favourite pair of socks. Why? Because they have a story to tell with all the different yarns, and after months […]

Year of the Sock – Interview with Jennifer

If you had asked me at the start of the year if I’d be crocheting socks every month in something called the Year of the Sock, I probably would have scoffed and said, “Are you crazy? With a job, life, and blog projects you think I have time to crochet a pair of socks each […]

November Socks

Well! These socks almost broke me. They were originally meant to be a birthday gift for Jason. He had been wanting a pair of crochet socks, which is only fair seeing as I’ve been making a pair for myself every month for almost a year. I got started – I took Jason’s foot measurements, taking […]

October Socks

So we all know how much I struggled with the September socks, right? These socks…let’s just say I’m beyond surprised and amazed I finished them not only on time, but a week early! The pattern was actually easy, in theory. In practice it required so much more patience than I anticipated. Who knew that having […]