Bulletin Board Clothes Pin

I have a bulletin board next to my desk where I pin things like funny pictures, business cards, coupons, etc. Earlier this year I became a fan of Groupon and since then we’ve explored a few of Vancouver’s restaurants and activities. The problem is that we tend to forget about the Groupon because it ends up under a stack of papers or in between books. I tried pinning the sheets of paper to the bulletin board but they took up a lot of space and it just looked cluttered and messy. I was sitting at my desk and I glanced at the unused clothes pin that I had left over from the embroidery floss project and then glanced at the thumb tacks on the bulletin board and a little light went off in my head.

I used an industrial glue that I had from a few years back when I tried to glue the holes in the soles of my Rocket Dog sneakers (sadly it didn’t work but I still wear the sneakers…they are awesome), plain old thumb tacks, and clothes pins.

I put a dot of glue on the thumb tack and then very carefully attached it to what I call the jaws of the clothes pin and held it in place for about a minute before putting aside for a day (the glue instructions say to let it sit for 24hrs).


Once I was sure the thumb tack wouldn’t come off I put it to use. Now my Groupons will be neatly clipped and won’t obstruct other items on the board 🙂


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