BMO Tablet Case Crochet Pattern

Recently we purchased a tablet and, after setting it up to my liking, my immediate thought was to make a case for it. The last time I made a tablet case was for my iPad by using an old book. This time, because I’m so hooked (get it, hooked?) on tapestry crochet I decided to do something cute and geeky. It didn’t take me very long to realize that BMO from Adventure Time would be the perfect design for a tablet case. So, what do you think of my BMO Tablet Case Crochet Pattern?

You can purchase the ad-free and inexpensive PDF chart in my shop here and in my Etsy shop.

If you’re new to tapestry crochet check out this previous post on color changes.

To make this case I created a crochet chart, hoping that the finished size would be the perfect measurement for the tablet. But it was a little small so I improvised by making the back piece (which is a solid color) wider as well as adding rows to give it length. For reference, this was made for a Surface Pro 3, which is 10.5″x7″. For a liner I used this adorable BMO design from Spoonflower – so many fun fabric designs on this site! Once I sewed everything it all came together perfectly.

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