Beautiful Crochet Dress

Almost three years ago I decided to crochet a dress. By then I had a good amount of crochet experience but I was in no way ready for the challenge that is lace crochet. I remember finding this crochet dress pattern on Red Heart and thinking, “This looks easy. I bet I could make this in a weekend. No problem!”

I bought the thread,readied my hook, printed the pattern and got to work. Then things got interesting. What’s a foundation single crochet? I asked myself. How come it’s so hard to make stitches? I managed to get through the neck before I put the dress away for a few months. Picking it up again I realized I hadn’t made it big enough for my head and after starting over and completing the yoke I again put the dress away.

Dress: Me (pattern by Red Heart)
Jean vest & faux leather belt: H&M
Leather cuff: Italian artisan shop
Chef knife necklace: VincaUSA
Leather bag: Value Village
Sunglasses: Hawaii gift shop
Leather sandals: Nicaraguan artisan market
Nude slip: Winners

I continued working on the dress on and off, sometimes wondering if it was still worth continuing, debating whether to scrap the whole notion of crochet lace or keep giving it a chance. At one point the dress was left to collect dust for almost half a year but by then I had already completed a good portion of the skirt so I knew I wouldn’t be taking it apart.

At one point I was re-organizing and cleaning my craft space and, upon finding the rumpled WIP, I discovered it really only had “a few more rounds” left. Why not bring it out into the open and finish it?

I dusted it off and found there was still a ways to go but the end was near. I’m really happy I powered through and before long I had a light-weight and flowy dress that gently draped over me.

The dress is absolutely gorgeous! The fit is amazing and it’s the perfect dress for any summer evening on a patio with friends  🙂

Though it was a shocking amount of work, I’m offering my crochet services for any serious fashionista looking to fill her wardrobe with a lovingly hand-crafted crochet lace dress. For more information, drop me a line:

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    1. Thank you! I actually bought a nude slip dress that coincidentally was the exact length I needed 🙂

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