Eeyore Amigurumi – Part 2

Hey! I hope you enjoyed the instructions for part one of Eeyore amigurumi! If you found the limbs to be fairly easy and fun to make then you’re probably ready for a little challenge. In this post I will show you how to make Eeyore’s head. I decided to make this part next because, in my opinion, it requires a bit more focus.

Keep scrolling for the free pattern or you can purchase the complete and inexpensive ad-free PDF pattern in my shop and on Etsy.

This Eeyore Amigurumi Crochet Pattern part 2 uses the following techniques:

  • Increasing and decreasing
  • Making colour change
    • And how to carry the yarn after the change!
  • Adding eyes to amigurumi
  • Closing the opening
  • Weaving in the ends

If you’re just starting out in the world of amigurumi, or you just need a refresher, check out my tutorials below:

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Eeyore Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

For the head you will need:

  • size 3.50mm(4/E) crochet hook
  • small amount (approx. 15 grams) of worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver in Windsor Blue or Bernat Super Value in Medium Navy
  • small amount (approx. 15 grams) of worsted weight yarn such as Bernat Super Value in Peach
  • 2 black buttons for eyes, 10mm
  • needle and black thread to sew eyes

Stitches & Abbreviations (US terms)

  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – increase (2 stitches in same stitch)
  • dec – decrease (sc 2 stitches together)
  • work even – complete round without increasing or decreasing

I’ll show the pattern segment first and then photos with instructions. Let’s begin!


With Medium Navy

Round 1: in ring make 6sc

Round 2: inc in each st (12 sts)

Round 3: [inc, sc in next st] x 6 (18 sts)

Round 4: [inc, sc in next 2sts] x 6 (24 sts)

Rounds 5-9: work even

Round 10: [inc, sc in next 11sts] x 2 (26 sts)

Switch to Peach yarn

Round 11: sc in next 7sts, inc in next st, sc in next 12sts, inc in next st, sc in next 5sts (28 sts)

Round 12: sc in next 5sts, inc in next st, sc in next 13sts, inc in next st, sc in next 8sts (30 sts)

Round 13: [inc, sc in next 4sts] x 6 (36 sts)

Rounds 14-15: work even

Round 16: [dec, sc in next 4sts] x 6 (30 sts)

Round 17: [dec, sc in next 3sts] x 6 (24 sts)

Round 18: [dec, sc in next 2sts] x 6 (18 sts)

Begin to stuff with fiberfill

Round 19: work even

Round 20: [dec, sc in next st] x 6 (12 sts)

Round 21: dec x 6 (6 sts)

Fasten off and sew open shut. Weave ends.

Round 10 is a little different because there are only 2 increases (so the shape of the head expands but only just a little) and at the end you’ll make a colour change. Make 11 sc, then increase and repeat once more. In the last stitch, start to make a single crochet but before you pull the loop through, switch the yarn colour:

In case you’re wondering what I do with the yarn tails and previous yarn when I change colours, I make sure the tail and old yarn are laying over top so when I make new stitches they are trapped or carried along. Once I’ve make a few stitches and I feel the yarn is secure, I cut the old yarn and trim the tail end, if needed.

At the end of Round 11 or 12 you can sew the buttons on or you can always sew them later but I find it easier to do before stuffing and closing:

When you complete Round 18 grab a generous handful of polyfil and begin to stuff the head. You’ll continue to add stuffing after each decrease:

After the last round there will be a small opening and the way I like to close these openings is by using a yarn needle to sew it shut. With the yarn needle, thread the yarn through every other stitch or so and then pull, like a draw string. Insert the needle through the centre and pull back out from any other stitch, preferably of the same colour. Insert the needle through a nearby stitch and pull through the opposite side – this is how I weave in the ends. When I’m sure that the yarn is secured, I pull tight, and keeping tension on the end, I cut the yarn. To make sure the end is well-hidden I squeeze the piece a few times until the yarn is pulled inside and neatly hidden.

That’s it for Part 2 of this Eeyore amigurumi! Next post will be about adding details to the head.

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