Crochet Bikini Top


Are we loving this weather or what? I know I am and to show my appreciation for this warm summer I made a simple white bikini top.

Crochet Bikini Top - Pops de Milk

Just like the mesh summer top, this bikini top was so easy and quick to make. You can try on the piece as you work on it to adjust the size or use a bikini top you already have as a guide – this particular bikini top is a size medium. I find the stitches in this pattern are tight enough that a liner isn’t necessary but feel free to use one if you prefer.

Crochet Bikini - Pops de Milk

The warm weather was not the only inspiration for this project. I came across this article (kind of NSFW) on Huffington Post about bikini tops that look like bare breasts. The bikini top, aptly named Tata Top, was created because it is illegal in many places for women to walk around topless but totally okay for men to do so. I wanted to show my support for this campaign so I crocheted a similar bikini top. It’s the same pattern as the white bikini top but for the yarn I used nearly one 50g ball of Handicrafter Cotton in Jute and for the nipple I used Handicrafter Cotton in Desert Rising Ombre, switching the shades to get the right skin tone. This part was actually kind of fun, if a bit time consuming.

Crochet Bikini Top - Pops de Milk

Are you looking for a new bikini top? Maybe you’d like to protest for gender equality? Find the PDF pattern here.

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